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ePro: Simplifying Patient Data Collection

Welcome to the future of clinical data collection, where precision meets ease through MILO's Electronic Patient-Reported Outcomes, or ePro. In an era of heightened clinical trial standards, the ability to gather precise patient data is critical to success.

Real-Time Data Collection

The integration of ePro within MILO DCT enables real-time patient data collection. This means you can access and analyze health data as it's entered by patients in the MILO DCT application. This guarantees informed decision-making, quicker adjustments to ongoing trials, and ultimately, greater success. 

Enhancing Patient Engagement

Patient engagement is pivotal to the success of any clinical study. MILO's ePro approach emphasizes user-friendly design. Patients submit their results on the MILO DCT app with simplicity and intuitiveness while ensuring the security of their data. 

Elevating Data Precision

By minimizing the risks associated with manual data entry, MILO's ePro system enhances the accuracy and reliability of patient-reported data. As a result, the obtained results are more reliable, precisely demonstrating the value of your medical device or medication. 


Experience ePro with MILO

MILO ePro isn't just a tool; it's a game-changer for clinical trials. Join us in advancing the precision, reliability, and patient-friendliness of data collection in clinical research.