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Ready to get started building the right eClinical solution for your trial?

Empower Your Custom Digital Study Autonomously

Welcome to MILO DCT, your gateway to crafting personalized clinical studies with unprecedented autonomy. Rapidly design studies while harnessing decentralized solutions for enhanced data collection, management, and patient collaboration.

Build Your Study Yourself

With MILO DCT, construct your clinical study independently, without the need for programming skills. Our intuitive interface empowers you to build your study with just a few clicks, thanks to the user-friendly "drag and drop" approach.

Save significant time in study preparation, reducing the average duration from 12 weeks to a mere 2 days with the MILO DCT solution

Real-Time Data Collection

MILO is continually interconnected with all ecosystem modules, ensuring a continuous flow of patient records from ongoing studies and medical data collected during patient examinations or analyses.

Utilize Digital Trial Solutions

Streamlined Consent Management - Simplify patient consent processes through eConsent, managing consents electronically.

Digital Data Recording - ePRO allows participants to record data directly in digital format, tailored to the parameters of your personalized ePRO questionnaire. You and your team can track, analyze, and respond based on the collected data.

Effortless Data Collection - Integration of an Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system provides real-time, remote access to your study data, ensuring constant monitoring and data security.

Virtual Visits for Enhanced Patient Monitoring - Conduct patient follow-ups through decentralized tele-visits seamlessly integrated into Milo DCT. Accelerate data collection and reduce the risk of patient loss during your study. 

Experience the Future of Clinical Studies

MILO DCT isn't just a tool; it's your partner in groundbreaking research. Join us in reshaping the landscape of clinical studies, making them faster, more efficient, and patient-centered.


Unlock the Potential of MILO DCT

Ready to embark on the journey of autonomous, digitally empowered clinical studies? Contact us now to schedule a demo and discover how MILO DCT can transform your research endeavors. Don't miss out on the opportunity to accelerate your studies and improve patient outcomes.