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Electronic Data Capture (EDC) for Pharma & Biotech Clinical Trials with Milo

Welcome to the future of EDC solutions for pharmaceutical and biotech clinical trials, brought to you by Milo. Our self-service platform empowers you to efficiently build and deploy clinical trials while harnessing data from any source.

Efficient Trial Setup

Milo provides all the modules you need to run efficient trials. Get started quickly by setting up trials and registries on your own, without the need for extensive training. If you require assistance, Milo's professional services team can perform study design, build, and data management, all delivered 60% faster than our competitors through automated processes.

Decentralized Trial Support

Milo supports decentralized trial processes, allowing for remote enrollment, screening, eConsent, and data capture. Engage with patients through ePRO, native diary apps, and video calls. Consolidate data from eCRF, eCOA, ePRO, wearables, and EHR sources on a unified platform.

Ensure Data Quality

Milo ensures high-quality data with real-time validation and edit checks. Easily edit forms mid-trial to accommodate protocol amendments. Benefit from fully compliant Query Management and data review processes.

Data from Multiple Sources

Milo allows you to capture EDC and eCOA data on a centralized platform. Integrate your devices seamlessly using our API.

Efficiently Run Multicenter Trials

Milo's cloud-based platform provides secure access worldwide. Implement remote monitoring and granular user access rights. Randomize patients with our validated IWRS module.

Get Submission Ready

Prepare for submission effortlessly with real-time medical coding integration (WHODrug and MedDRA). Trust our experts to ensure the delivery of submission-ready SDTM files.


Experience Effortless Clinical Trials with Milo EDC

Ready to revolutionize your pharmaceutical and biotech clinical trials with streamlined data capture and management? Contact us now to explore the potential of Milo and elevate your research endeavors. Don't miss out on the opportunity to simplify data management and enhance your clinical trial processes.