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Your Ultimate Recruitment Partner

In the fast-paced world of clinical trials, time is of the essence. MILO MATCH is here to revolutionize the way you recruit patients for your clinical studies, offering unparalleled speed and efficiency. Our cutting-edge platform, fueled by the vast MILO ecosystem, empowers you to swiftly and accurately identify the perfect study candidates.

Transforming Recruitment in the World of Clinical Trials

We understand the challenges that researchers and clinical trial coordinators face when it comes to patient recruitment. It's a critical phase that can significantly impact the success and timeline of your study. That's why we've developed MILO MATCH, a game-changing solution designed to accelerate the patient recruitment process and improve overall study outcomes.

Automated Precision Matching

Incorporate your trial's inclusion and exclusion criteria seamlessly, and let MILO MATCH work its magic. Our sophisticated algorithms swiftly sift through our extensive database to identify patients and investigators who perfectly align with your study's unique requirements. Imagine having this crucial information at your fingertips in less than 30 seconds!

Unparalleled Insights into Patient Profiles

When you partner with MILO MATCH, you gain access to a treasure trove of patient information. Dive into comprehensive health profiles, medical histories, and a wealth of data relevant to your clinical study. Armed with these insights, you can make well-informed decisions, ensuring that your trial enrolls the most suitable candidates.

Personalized Invitations for Participation

Engaging with potential study participants has never been easier. From a patient's profile, you can send a tailored invitation to join your clinical trial. Our integrated Milo Care app ensures that patients receive notifications promptly, facilitating a streamlined process for electronic consent (eConsent) and study enrollment.


Join the MILO MATCH Revolution

MILO MATCH is more than just a recruitment tool; it's a catalyst for advancing medical research. Join us in transforming the landscape of clinical trials, making recruitment faster, smarter, and more successful. Embrace the power of MILO MATCH and stay ahead in the race to medical breakthroughs.


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Ready to experience the future of patient recruitment? Get in touch with us today to schedule a demo and discover how MILO MATCH can supercharge your clinical trials. Don't miss out on the opportunity to drive progress and make a difference in the world of medical research.