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Milo Care: Your Companion at Every Step

Welcome to Milo Care, the all-in-one application designed to streamline the patient care journey. Milo Care empowers users to effortlessly access their complete medical records, check appointments with specialists, and consolidate test results and prescriptions, all from a single, user-friendly platform.

Step 1: Schedule Medical Appointments

Booking an appointment with your doctor has never been easier. Explore availability, choose a convenient time slot, and confirm your appointment with just a few clicks.

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Step 2: Virtual Consultations

Meet your doctor through secure video consultations directly within the Milo Care application. Consult safely and receive an electronic prescription within minutes.

Step 3: Home-based Supplementary Care

Following the electronic prescription, you have the option to schedule a visit from a home care nurse for personalized care. Whether it's blood tests, injections, or other treatments, Milo Care has it covered.

Step 4: Home-based Lab Tests

The nurse comes to your home, performs the blood test, and sends the samples to the laboratory. No need to travel.

Step 5: Analysis Results

As soon as the results are ready, the laboratory sends them directly to the application. Both you and your doctor are instantly notified. Your doctor can react promptly and, if necessary, issue a new prescription.

Step 6: Medication Ordering

Milo Care also offers a delivery service. You can order medications and medical devices through the application and choose a trusted pharmacy for home delivery.


Unlock the Potential of MILO CARE

Milo Care is the ideal companion to meet all your needs throughout your health journey: from scheduling appointments to the delivery of medications, and managing your electronic medical records. Milo Care is here for you at every step.