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Revolutionizing Nursing Practices

Introducing Milo Nurse, the tool that transforms the daily routines of independent nurses, liberating their time to dedicate fully to patient care. Our application aims to simplify and optimize all aspects of nursing practice, providing a comprehensive solution for healthcare professionals.

Finding New Patient Appointments

Discover new patient care requests through your Milo Nurse application, tailored to your availability and preferred geographical service area.

Oncology cancer patient

Access to Patient Records

Access your patients' records to gain a comprehensive view of their medical history, ongoing treatments, and examinations. Enrich these records by including medical tests or scheduling their upcoming medical appointments.

Specialist Communication

Our application integrates a feature that enables seamless communication with specialists responsible for patient care. Exchange messages or send documents directly within the application.

Schedule Management

Milo Nurse features a tool to automatically create your care rounds, considering your availability, types of care, and optimizing travel time. Have a clear overview of your daily schedule with all necessary information for smooth operations.


Unlock the Potential of MILO CARE

Milo Care is the ideal companion to meet all your needs throughout your health journey: from scheduling appointments to the delivery of medications, and managing your electronic medical records. Milo Care is here for you at every step.