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Premier Preclinical Contract Research Organization

Discover leading support with our preclinical contract research organization, your partner in advancing drug development efficiently.

Our Premier Preclinical Contract Research Organization is at the forefront of revolutionary drug development. We use the advanced MILO digital platform to meet diverse preclinical research needs. This boosts efficiency and ensures effective pharmaceutical development from start to finish.

We offer complete drug development services. Our methods are based on solid science. This helps researchers and groups make important medical discoveries. With our preclinical CRO expertise, we aim to improve the process of developing new medicines. We’re here to help shape the future of health care.

Key Takeaways

  • Our organization is a leading preclinical CRO.
  • We utilize the advanced MILO digital platform for preclinical research.
  • Our services support efficient and effective drug development.
  • We provide comprehensive preclinical research solutions.
  • Our scientific foundations aim to empower innovation in medical breakthroughs.

Introduction to MILO: Your Preclinical CRO Partner

At MILO, we’re known as the top partner for preclinical CRO tasks, especially in decentralized clinical trials. We have a bunch of advanced tools that fit the needs of today’s drug development work. Our platform mixes ePRO, eConsent, and EDC. This mix makes sure your research is top-notch and flexible.

Using ePRO, we boost how well we gather patient reports. This makes things smoother for those taking part and ups both accuracy and involvement. The eConsent tool makes giving consent simple, keeping everyone on the same page. Our strong EDC system makes handling data a breeze. This helps move your studies along reliably.

Every client is unique, and we get that. That’s why we tailor our services for each client. We aim to streamline your drug development process. This sets us up as a dependable partner in your journey.

ePROEnhances patient engagement and accuracy in reporting outcomes.
eConsentStreamlines the consent process, ensuring compliance and participant understanding.
EDCOptimizes data collection, ensuring reliability and efficiency.

Comprehensive Preclinical Services for Drug Development

Our preclinical services are built to support you fully in drug development. They are designed to meet your project’s special needs. This approach helps your project from start to end.

Customized Preclinical Solutions

We’re proud to offer customized preclinical solutions. These are made to fit your project’s exact needs. With a deep understanding of your requirements, we provide methods that improve the entire development cycle.

Animal Model Testing and Evaluation

Our strict animal model testing provides a complete review of each product. By using various animal models, we mirror human health and disease conditions. This way, we offer reliable results and important discoveries.

Toxicology and Safety Studies

Our toxicology studies and safety studies meet top regulatory standards. They give a full analysis and check to confirm if drugs are safe and work well. These studies offer key details on pharmacokinetics services and how drugs interact.

Customized Preclinical SolutionsTailored methodologies to meet specific project needs.Enhances efficiency, ensures precise targeting.
Animal Model TestingIn-depth evaluation using various animal models.Replicates human conditions accurately.
Toxicology StudiesComprehensive toxicology assessments adhering to regulations.Ensures drug safety and compliance.
Safety StudiesDetailed safety evaluations and analyses.Provides insights into pharmacokinetics and drug interactions.

Why Choose Our Preclinical Contract Research Organization?

Our company leads in preclinical research, thanks to years of expertise and leadership. We mix advanced technology with smart strategies and focus on Quality-by-Design (QbD). This mix ensures our services are top-notch and reliable.

Decades of Expertise and Leadership

Our team includes experts renowned for their work in preclinical research. People like Olu Aloba, Ph.D., and Will Bainbridge, Sr. Director, help us succeed. They bring a lot of knowledge and fresh ideas to every project. Their experience makes us confident we can handle complex challenges.

Advanced Technologies and Methodologies

We use the latest preclinical technologies and modern methods. This approach improves our research accuracy and speed. It lets us provide important data for developing pharmaceutical products. Our focus on new technology keeps us leading in preclinical research innovation.

Quality-by-Design (QbD) Approaches

Our services include Quality-by-Design approaches, ensuring systematic product development. This method helps every project meet or beat regulatory standards for efficacy, safety, and compliance. Through QbD, we give clients more confidence in our reliability.

ExpertiseTechnologiesQuality-by-Design (QbD)
Experienced professionals like Olu Aloba, Ph.D.Cutting-edge preclinical technologiesSystematic product development strategies
Leadership from figures like Will BainbridgeInnovative methodologiesCompliance and efficacy assurance

Our Key Offerings: ePRO, eConsent, EDC, eCRF, eCOA, and RWE

We’ve crafted our services to boost clinical trial success. By using the latest ePRO systems, we make sure patient reports are exact and fast. Our eCRF tools also help collect and handle data well, keeping your research accurate.

Our eCOA solutions measure patient results precisely, offering a full view on treatment effects. Plus, RWE approaches give key insights from using medical products in everyday life. This helps understand how treatments work in different real-world conditions.

To provide an overview of our offerings, here is a detailed comparative analysis:

FeatureePRO SystemsElectronic Case Report Forms (eCRF)Electronic Clinical Outcome Assessments (eCOA)Real-World Evidence (RWE)
PurposeStreamline patient reportingFacilitate data collectionEvaluate patient outcomesProvide real-life insights
Data AccuracyHighHighVery HighModerate to High
Implementation SpeedFastFastModerateVaries
ScalabilityHighly ScalableHighly ScalableScalableScalable
Regulatory ComplianceCompliantCompliantCompliantVariable


We are your reliable partner in preclinical research, focused on excellence in drug development. Our team is recognized for cutting-edge preclinical services. These services are designed to keep up with the fast-changing world of the pharmaceutical industry. With our extensive experience and modern technology, we support organizations and researchers at every step of their drug development path.

At the heart of our work is our advanced MILO platform. It offers a wide range of tools and services for various preclinical needs. We provide customized solutions, thorough toxicology studies, improved patient reporting, and real-world evidence collection. Our approach ensures the highest standards in efficacy, safety, and compliance thanks to our Quality-by-Design strategies.

We are known for our quality, expertise, and integrity, making us a top choice in preclinical research. As the industry changes, we also adapt, aiming to meet and exceed our client’s expectations. Working together, we can make sense of drug development challenges, turning innovative research into real medical breakthroughs. Let our commitment and expertise take your innovations from idea to market, guaranteeing success every step of the way.


What is a preclinical contract research organization (CRO)?

A preclinical contract research organization, or CRO, helps with drug development before clinical trials. They offer services like pharmacokinetics, toxicology studies, and testing on animals.

What preclinical services do you offer?

We offer a wide range of preclinical services. Our team provides custom solutions tailored to your project’s needs. We conduct detailed animal model testing and evaluations, along with in-depth toxicology and safety studies. Plus, we offer pharmacokinetics services.

How does MILO support decentralized clinical trials?

MILO is our digital platform designed specifically for decentralized clinical trials. It includes tools for patient reporting (ePRO), consent (eConsent), and data capture (EDC). These tools ensure our drug development process is precise and adaptable.

What makes your organization a premier preclinical CRO?

Our leadership and decades of experience in preclinical research set us apart. We utilize cutting-edge tech and methods. Plus, we follow a Quality-by-Design (QbD) approach for outstanding efficacy, safety, and regulatory compliance.

What are the benefits of a Quality-by-Design (QbD) approach in preclinical research?

QbD offers a science-based, systematic product development. It leads to better efficacy, safety, and compliance. This approach helps us exceed client expectations consistently.

How do your ePRO and eConsent systems improve the drug development process?

Our ePRO system makes patient reporting quick and reliable. The eConsent system streamlines how we get patient consent. Together, they enhance data quality and ensure compliance.

What is the significance of animal model testing in preclinical research?

Animal model testing is vital for assessing a new drug’s safety and efficacy. Our tests provide deep insights into how drugs work and interact within a body. They are an essential step before human trials.

How do your toxicology studies adhere to regulatory standards?

Our toxicology studies follow strict regulatory guidelines. This ensures our results are trustworthy and meet the highest compliance standards.